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Dental Implants – Methuen, MA 

Missing teeth in the smile not only impacts your ability to chew and speak comfortably but also your facial aesthetic. At Merrimack Dental Associates, we place and restore dental implants at our Methuen practice. This teeth replacement option is a permanent alternative to traditional methods. Our restorations are fabricated to look and feel like natural teeth.

Dental implants effectively replace the entire tooth. To schedule an appointment, contact our practice today. 

Dental Implants in MethuenBenefits of Dental Implants 

Unlike bridges, dentures, and partials, dental implants and their restorations replace the entire tooth, from root to crown. This treatment option provides patients a variety of benefits which positively impact your overall health.

Stability and Aesthetic

Patients with full arches of missing teeth would be recommended dentures. However, as the jaw changes due to missing teeth, dentures will need to be replaced to properly fit. Ill-fitting dentures can slip out of place when speaking and make eating difficult or uncomfortable. Dental implant retained dentures are secured in place, ensuring you can confidently smile. 

Renewed Jaw Bone Health

When one loses a tooth, the tooth root is also lost. However, these are essential to support the jawbone. Without them, jawbone begins to recede causing neighboring teeth to shift to occupy the lost tooth, making many patients appear prematurely aged. Dental implant posts, which the restorations are attached to, replace the tooth root. They integrate with the existing jawbone to formulate a stable bond to support dental restorations.

Dental Implant Treatment in Methuen 

At Merrimack Dental Associates, we provide a variety of implant restorations replacing one to a full arch of missing teeth. Our services include:

- Single Unit Implants
- Implant Supported Bridge
- Implant Supported Dentures

Each restoration is fabricated to look and feel like a natural tooth. Utilizing zirconia crowns and porcelain materials, the restorations and prosthetics are not only aesthetically pleasing but blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. 

Our implant treatment begins with an in-depth consultation with our implant dentist. During this appointment we discuss your options on replacing teeth, the number of implants desired, and if grafting procedures are necessary. We send you to our second location in Acton, where we house our CT scan, allowing us to plan for exact implant placement as well as determine which areas require grafting. Once accepted, we schedule you for your implant placement procedure. We provide a temporary or flipper so during your healing period, you can comfortably chew and speak. 

After three to four months, we schedule a follow-up appointment to place the healing abutment. At your last visit, your final implant restoration is inserted and your treatment is complete. 

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We provide dental implant treatment so all patients can have a smile they feel comfortable in. At our Methuen practice, we are dedicated to providing advanced dental care for all patients. Contact us today for more information about our implant services. 

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