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Dentures and Partials

At Merrimack Dental Associates, we provide custom dentures for patients missing several teeth up to full arches. We utilize high-quality materials to fabricate these dentures to be comfortable and natural looking. We offer traditional dentures and several other options catered to your needs.

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Denture Services in Methuen

A reliable set of dentures not only restores a patient’s esthetic but their oral functions as well. Patients that utilize dentures benefit from restored function to everyday activities we often take for granted, such as eating and speaking comfortably. Our practice offers a range of denture services depending on your needs, everything from cost-effective dentures to a meticulously fabricated set of dentures crafted in a local trusted lab.

Options like immediate dentures give patients a fast and economical way to replace their missing teeth right after undergoing an extraction procedure. Patients utilizing this method can later refit or upgrade their set of dentures to better suit their new anatomical structure once the hard and soft tissues have healed.

Dentures fabricated by a trusted technician may take a few weeks to accomplish, but patients choosing this option benefit from a pair of dentures that are often mistaken for a natural set of teeth. Patients undergo a comprehensive method of determining the right shape, size, and color of their dentures to represent their ideal image. These restorations are then hand-crafted to perfectly fit to the grooves of an individual’s gums to improve bite power and comfort while maintaining an ideal esthetic.

Denture Realigning and Repairs

Our practice also provides all the necessary maintenance required to help your set of dentures last a lifetime. We offer repairs and relining in the same day in select cases to aid in keeping your dentures in their best shape and fitting comfortably. Dentists at our office also suggest improvements to your dentures to ensure durability and a perfect fit. Better-fitting dentures crafted with high-quality materials not only contribute to the longevity of your oral health but to the way they look, too.

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